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The trainers and experts listed in the database have all been active under the H2020 funded project GE Academy in different capacities.

  • GE Academy trainers: These profiles have been active both in designing and delivering trainings and workshops, either face-to-face or online. They come from or were hired by GE Academy partner organisations directly, and typically have advanced expertise in both Gender in R&I and as trainers applying feminist and participatory methodologies in this specific domain.
  • GE Academy Trainers of Trainers: These are GE Academy Trainers who have been in charge of designing and delivering the GE Academy Train the Trainers course with its two editions.
  • GE Academy Train-the-Trainers alumnae and alumni: Having passed a thorough selection process based on CV screening and interviews, they have participated in the T-t-T course, and coaching sessions. Thus, they have become familiar in using GE Academy training scripts, following the GE Academy quality standards and applying participatory training methods. Most of them have been actively engaged in 2021 in the GE Academy capacity building program as co-trainers or as observers providing feedback to trainers.
  • GE Academy highly qualified trainers: This group of expert trainers applied to take part in the GE Academy Train-the-Trainers but were found to already possess the expertise to roll out training courses, so they were familiarised with GE Academy standards and tools with shorter sessions and some of them have acted as trainers in the course of the project.
  • Experts / speakers in roundtables, webinars or DOCC modules: These were experts whose topical knowledge and expertise were acknowledged by project partners for involvement in providing lecture-type contributions within webinars, online roundtables or DOCC modules/lessons.

All those trainers and experts were asked to fill a short questionnaire and give their consent to publish their data. Not all trainers and experts have done so, that is why for some no profile and background information is included in the database.

The information presented in the database was provided by trainers/experts and published online with their full agreement as well as consent and complying with GDPR regulations. It was not subject to any further check by GE Academy partners, so trainers and experts themselves hold exclusive liability on its veracity and completeness and are in charge of keeping the information up to date.

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Trainers found

Beatriz Alvarez Ferrero

Gender Equality and Human Rights Consultant
Gender consultant (including a human rights-based approach)

Ana Belen Amil

Gender Equality Officer - Central European University
Gender Equality Officer

Cláudia Araujo

Researcher at Centre for Social Studies - University of Coimbra; PhD candidate at the University of Barcelona

Santiago García Campá

Associate Professor

Marzia Cescon

Reseach and project manager, Smart Venice
Researcher and Project Manager

Timea Crofony

freelance international gender trainer and consultant, lawyer and PhD. student of cultural anthropolpgy

Cristina Maria Dragomir

Associate Professor, Constanta Maritime University; President - European Center for Social Responsibility; General secretary and Founding Member - Women's International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) Romania
Associate Professor

Maroun El Moujabber

Administrator at CIHEAM Bari - Italy

Gordana Zoran Gasmi

PhD, Research Fellow in the Institute of Comparative Law Belgrade,
Research Fellow in the Institute of Comparative Law Belgrade

Zeynep Gülru Göker

Sabanci University

Jadranka Gvozdanovic

Professor, University of Heidelberg; Chair of LERU Policy Group on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Professor, University of Heidelberg

Shirin Heidari

GENDRO, Founding President; Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Senior Researchers

Mervi Heikkinen

University of Oulu
University researcher at the Gender Studies

Roswitha Hofmann

uebergrenzendenken - Forschung & wissenschaftliche Beratung e.U:
Consultant and researcher

Anne Laure Humbert

Oxford Brookes University

Mintaute Jurkute

Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson in Lithuania, Head of Discrimination Prevention and Communication group

Bente Knoll

Managing director at B-NK GmbH and lecturer at TU Wien (Austria)

Vivian Anette Lagesen

Professor in science and technology studies, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Professor in Science and Technology Studies

Lia Lang

Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, Research Center DESY (Germany)
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