Sabrina Burtscher

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Sabrina Burtscher BSc
TU Wien

I am a student in TU Wien's Media and Human Centered Computing Master's program. I have been working on Gender Equality in IT since shortly after starting my Bachelor's at TU Wien. Based on my contribution to the H2020 Project GEECCO (Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment), which is also the base of my Master's thesis and two publications, I am developing a method and tool kit to enable researchers and practitioners in discovering gender(ed) aspects and dimensions in their work.


Country / Countries of Residence: Austria

Professional Background

Working Experience

Working experience in Gender Equality since:  2015

Professional Position / Role

Researcher / Scolar

Area of Expertise

Scientific expertise

Sectors of Work Experience

Universities and Higher Education Sector
Civil Society

Online Visibility

Twitter ID: @pascoda

Availability for Trainings

Availability for Training Formats ONLINE

Speaker in a webinar (duration: up to half day)

Availability for Training Formats IN-PERSON

Willing to travel abroad for trainings: no

Target Groups

Training Content Types

Gender+: Basic definitions and concepts
Intersectionality and institutional change processes
Sex and gender dimension in research content
Gender dimension in curricula and teaching
Gender sensitive and inclusive communication

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