Anne Laure Humbert

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Prof. Anne Laure Humbert PHD
Oxford Brookes University

Anne Laure Humbert, PhD, is Professor of Gender and Diversity and Director of the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice at Oxford Brookes University. Anne is very experienced in gender equality research at national and EU level, policy analysis and assessment as well as gender statistics. She specialises in applying quantitative methods to comparative social and economic analysis, particularly in relation to work and organisations, entrepreneurship, and work-life balance. She holds visiting positions at the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London and at the Center for Feminist Social Studies at Örebro University in Sweden. She has previously held positions at Cranfield University and Middlesex University London. Anne is a regular public speaker on gender equality and she enjoys the opportunity to make connections between theory, practice and activism.

Her recent and current projects include looking at the impact of gender and diversity in STEM research teams (GEDII – Horizon 2020); implementing gender equality plans in universities across Europe (GEARING-Roles – Horizon 2020); gender in spinouts company in the UK (Inclusion Matters: Women and Spinouts – EPSRC); gender, pay and working condition in nursing (Royal College of Nursing); gender violence regimes in Europe (Violence Regimes – Swedish Research Council); assessing the feasibility of creating an award or certification system for gender equality in Europe (CASPER – Horizon 2020); measuring and addressing gender-based violence in higher education in Europe (UniSAFE – Horizon 2020); promoting gender-inclusive recoveries post-Covid (RESISTIRÉ – Horizon 2020). Some recent publications include: “A rights-based approach to board quotas and how hard sanctions work for gender equality”, European Journal of Women's Studies (2019), with Kelan and Clayton-Hathway; “The perils of gender beliefs for men leaders as change agents for gender equality” European Management Review (2018), with Kelan and van den Brink; “From Gender Regimes to Violence Regimes: Re-thinking the Position of Violence”, Social Politics (2020) with Hearn, Strid, Balkmar and Delaunay; “Undoing the Nordic Paradox: factors affecting rates of disclosed violence against women across the EU” PLOS ONE (2021), with Strid, Hearn and Balkmar; or “Not Simply ‘Counting Heads’: A Gender Diversity Index for the Team Level” in Social Indicators Research (2021), with Guenther and Müller.


Country / Countries of Residence: France • United Kingdom

Professional Background

Working Experience

Working experience in Gender Equality since:  2001

Professional Position / Role

Researcher / Scolar

Area of Expertise

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Topical expertise

Sectors of Work Experience

Universities and Higher Education Sector

Online Visibility

Twitter ID: @alhumbert

Availability for Trainings

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Training Session (duration: half day up to two days)
Training Programme (duration: a week and more)

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Training ession (duration: half day up to two days)
Training Programme (duration: a week and more)
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Willing to travel abroad for trainings: yes

Target Groups

Communication staff
Decision-makers (middle management)
Decision-makers (top-level management)
Gender Equality activists / promoters
Gender Equality change agents
Gender Equality researchers / scholars
Ombudspersons / persons of trust for Equal Opportunities / Gender Mainstreaming / Diversity Management
Staff assigned to recruitment procedures
Staff in charge of research planning and coordination / support to research projects
Team members of Gender Equality committees and / or working groups

Training Content Types

Gender+: Basic definitions and concepts
Gender Equality Plan: Introduction
Gender Equality Plan: Design and implementation
Gender Equality Plan: Monitoring and evaluation
Gender Equality Plan: Supporting change agents
Gender Equality in leadership and decision-making
Institutional gender analysis
Gender bias in recruitment, promotion and career management
Gender Equality in organisational culture and work-life balance
Intersectionality and institutional change processes
Acting against gender-based violence and sexual harassment
Sex and gender dimension in research content
Gender dimension in curricula and teaching
Dealing with resistances to gender equality
Gender sensitive and inclusive communication

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