Jadranka Gvozdanovic

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Prof. Jadranka Gvozdanovic Baden-Wuerttemberg
Professor, University of Heidelberg; Chair of LERU Policy Group on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Professor, University of Heidelberg

PhD with distinction from the University of Amsterdam, Professorships at the University of Mannheim and (since 1997) University of Heidelberg. Positions in leading bodies of universities and research organizations. Corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences. President elect of the International Society for Historical Linguistics (to function from 2022). Since 2010 Chair of LERU Policy Group on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
Academic expertise in Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies. Focus on systemic change. Expert in qualitative and quantitative methods. In Gender Studies, expert on Implicit Bias in Academia and procedures to discover and tackle bias.


Country / Countries of Residence: Germany

Professional Background

Working Experience

Professor, research-project evaluator, member of governing bodies in universities (a.o. Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Mannheim University, 2000-2003), research-funding organizations and international societies. European experience with driving cultural and structural transformation in equality matters in higher education, participation in several EC expert workshops. Lead author of the LERU paper "Implicit bias in Academia: A challenge to the meritocratic principle and to women's careers - and what to do about it" (2018), https://www.leru.org/publications/implicit-bias-in-academia-a-challenge-to-the-meritocratic-principle-and-to-womens-careers-and-what-to-do-about-it. Experience with training against implicit bias in evaluation and selection processes in research organizations.

Working experience in Gender Equality since:  2005

Professional Position / Role

Researcher / Scolar

Area of Expertise

Scientific expertise
Facilitation expertise
Topical expertise

Sectors of Work Experience

Universities and Higher Education Sector
Research Funding Organisations

Scientific Background

Linguist, cultural scientist, gender-studies expert.

Availability for Trainings

Availability for Training Formats ONLINE

Training Session (duration: half day up to two days)
Training Programme (duration: a week and more)

Speaker in a webinar (duration: up to half day)

Availability for Training Formats IN-PERSON

Training ession (duration: half day up to two days)
Training Programme (duration: a week and more)
Speaker in an event (duration: up to half a day)

Willing to travel abroad for trainings: yes

Target Groups

Decision-makers (middle management)
Decision-makers (top-level management)
Gender Equality change agents
Gender Equality researchers / scholars
Ombudspersons / persons of trust for Equal Opportunities / Gender Mainstreaming / Diversity Management
Staff in charge of research planning and coordination / support to research projects
Team members of Gender Equality committees and / or working groups

Training Content Types

Gender+: Basic definitions and concepts
Gender Equality Plan: Introduction
Gender Equality Plan: Design and implementation
Gender Equality Plan: Monitoring and evaluation
Gender Equality Plan: Supporting change agents
Gender Equality in leadership and decision-making
Institutional gender analysis
Gender bias in recruitment, promotion and career management
Gender Equality in organisational culture and work-life balance
Intersectionality and institutional change processes
Acting against gender-based violence and sexual harassment
Sex and gender dimension in research content
Gender dimension in curricula and teaching
Dealing with resistances to gender equality
Gender sensitive and inclusive communication

Training Languages



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