Intersectionality and institutional change in Academia: The theory and the practice. Part 2: Intersectional practices in Academia [2021-06-02]


2 June 2021


14:00-15:30 (Brussels time)




90 min

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding intersectionality and its relations with other perspectives (gender+ and diversity approaches)
  • Sensitise about the importance of adopting theoretical and practical tools aiming at a broader inclusivity of academic/research institutions
  • Familiarise with theoretical and practical implications connected to the application of an intersectional perspective to promote institutional change in academic/research institutions
  • Address ways to articulate a gender+ equality agenda with a diversity agenda: challenges and pitfalls
  • Exchange on how to address intersectionality and diversity in GEP design and implementation.


Target Group

  • Human Resources officers in academic/research institutions
  • Gender Equality Officers/Gender focal points in academic/research institutions
  • Equal opportunity and diversity officers/EDI staff in academic/research institutions
  • Gender Equality Plan (GEP) team members in academic/research institutions
  • Gender Equality activists/promoters in academic/research institutions




Ingrid Schacherl

Coordination office for the advancement of women, gender studies, diversity at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The focus of my work is to accompany gender equality processes in higher education.

Ea Høg Utoft

Postdoc, Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy, Aarhus University

Dr. Utoft is an an engaged, ambitious and competent academic from the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy, Aarhus University, with a particular interest in and passion for issues related to equality and diversity in knowledge-intensive organizations, with a particular focus on universities. She has a solid knowledge foundation within the areas of leadership, organizations, human resources and communication, gender and diversity from academic and corporate, theoretical and applied settings in Denmark as well as abroad.

Further Information

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