Introduction to Gender Equality Plans [2019-10-31]


31 October 2019


15:00-16:45 (Brussels time)




105 min

Learning Objectives

  • Familiarise with policy frameworks and facts and figures on gender in research in the EU to get a practical understanding of GEP as a means for promoting institutional change
  • Presenting and discussing good examples from universities already committed to implementing GEPs


Target Group

  • Human resources managers and officers
  • Equality officers
  • Middle managers




Maria Sangiuliano

Research Director and CEO, Smart Venice

Chiara Oppi

University of Bergamo

Chiara Oppi is graduated in economics and management and owns a PhD in management accounting.
She is currently research fellow at the University of Bergamo and a contract lecturer at the University of Ferrara. Her main research fields involve management accounting in public organizations, with specific interest in gender-responsive budgeting in higher education institutions, and intellectual capital and non-financial reporting in public sector.

Further Information

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