Jörg Müller

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Jörg Müller PHD
Senior Researcher. Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


Country / Countries of Residence: Spain

Professional Background

Working Experience

Working experience in Gender Equality since:  2008

Professional Position / Role

Researcher / Scolar

Area of Expertise

Topical expertise

Sectors of Work Experience

Universities and Higher Education Sector

Scientific Background

Sociology, Computer Science.

Additional Information

Online Visibility

Availability for Trainings

Availability for Training Formats ONLINE

Training Session (duration: half day up to two days)
Training Programme (duration: a week and more)

Speaker in a webinar (duration: up to half day)

Availability for Training Formats IN-PERSON

Willing to travel abroad for trainings: no

Target Groups

Decision-makers (middle management)
Gender Equality activists / promoters
Gender Equality change agents
Gender Equality researchers / scholars
Ombudspersons / persons of trust for Equal Opportunities / Gender Mainstreaming / Diversity Management
Team members of Gender Equality committees and / or working groups

Training Content Types

Gender+: Basic definitions and concepts
Gender Equality Plan: Introduction
Gender Equality Plan: Design and implementation
Gender Equality Plan: Monitoring and evaluation
Institutional gender analysis

Training Languages



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